Automatic filling machine advanced process flow profile

Along with the development of economy, more and more goods start to become the people living in the required must taste, the goods of more colorful, not only for the improvement of people’s living standard made outstanding contribution, and also to the prosperity of our country market economy has played a great role in promoting. In this whole process, all goods need the packages to our packaging machinery industry bring huge profits, in the face of extensive market demand, many packaging machine production enterprise also began to continuously increase production and for the this huge market, make more profit. Filling machine as a packaging machinery industry within a focus of the products, also with China’s food the high speed development of economy, China’s food industry made a contribution, not only improve the efficiency of the filling, and still let the whole process automation degree of filling greatly improved, and let the production of products more standardized, secure. Such as Beverage drinks filling machine, juice hot tea machine, wine filling machine, etc.

Modern social time is money, only take our country the rare opportunities of development period, can have huge potential in this market, realize the good development, let companies and enterprise bigger and bigger, more does more strong. Automatic filling machine as filling machine series of products in high-end products, with its powerful automation level become improve labor productivity important equipment, especially for drinks the production of enterprise that, through the use of automatic filling machine can not only greatly save cost and whether the effect of filling in the speed of filling or on had the very big enhancement, the enterprise economic income generating will play a huge role.

Various types of filling machine

With the rapid development of the industry in our country, all kinds of filling machine also along with have very development. Such as liquid products such as: NaiYe, beverage, aquatic products and liquid medicine, filling, develop the corresponding milk filling machine, beverage filling machine, drinking water filling machine; Paste such as: the hand cream, eye ointment, and other sticky paste filling of products; Fluid class and granular paste such as: sesame paste, edible oil, seafood sauce and filling are inseparable from various types of grease filling machine. But our country related market has caused serious not regulate domestic packaging machinery tends gradually saturated, this is the disadvantages of the industry, is also our country should be paid more attention to a point.

Will these applications for a broad range of industries, because its renewal speed and related to the requirements of the filling machine there will also be more demanding, according to appear in the market in recent years of such situation, all kinds of filling the production line and packaging machine, packer, etc production line also arises at the historic moment, pouring production line is the enterprise to realize the integrated operation the most capable assistant, its full automatic filling process is not only the embodiment of health, standard, it is enterprise cost, improve the production efficiency embodiment.

filling machine: develop in innovation

Our country in the industrial chemical industry filling machine starts late, in the 1970 s  the industry still stays blank, when some domestic paint, paint, ink, adhesives and all kinds of chemical liquids are dependent on the United States, Japan in the 1930 s, after the 1970 s China began to research and production of filling equipment, after the 1980 s, has introduced some foreign pouring production line, and promote our country’s including filling industry a new developing period, then the absorption of constantly in foreign technology based on the developing all kinds of medium and small filling machinery. Of the 20 th century, our country filling production ability greatly enhance, in the 1990 s, the Chinese paint filling machine, lubricating oil filling machine, paint filling machine, volumetric filling machine equipment manufacturing level, scale enters a new phase.

Function pluralism and supporting performance is one of the great strengths of filling machine, and as food, beverage become people daily life become the indispensable items, our country related filling machinery such as wine filling machine, beverage filling machine also links in effect been widely used. In the past six months, our packaging machinery total sales more than the year before the big development, among them with filling machine is the most significant achievements.

Bottled water filling machine

Bottled water filling machine is automatic filling equipment which is specialized used to fill 3 gallons or 5 gallons bucket by pure water or mineral water factory, the equipment is simple to operate, only 1-2 workers to operate, is the collection of disinfection, washing, set of cover, gland and send out of an organic whole, three-phase ac 380 V power supply, completely used in town, industrial and mining enterprises and individual unit use. This equipment use is reliable in performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system, is will wash bottles, filling and gland process in a closed under state effectively prevent the water or mineral water in the process of filling the possibility of secondary pollution, do the real aseptic filling, is the present domestic most ideal pure/mineral water filling equipment.

Bottled water filling machine is divided into: wash bottles, filling and electric control and pneumatic control most of the four. Wash the bottle in part by the wash bottles of transmission mechanism, bottle, potions, wash bottles of water pump, medicine, pure water wash bottles of water pump, transmission chain composition. Filling in part by the filling cylinder, filling valve, Richard cover motor and set of cover device, gland cylinder and gland device. By microcomputer programmer electrical parts and electric component. Pneumatic parts: by cylinder, pneumatic electromagnetic valve electric and pneumatic components.

Bottled water filling machine adopts automatic program control, its working process including wash bottles, filling and gland.

New purchase filling machine clean health program

Room temperature water flushing: in the filling process fruit drink production line of high tanks, in 1000 ㎏ room temperature water, and open the high pot put liquid valve, let room temperature water their into filling machine storage tank, liquid level higher than in the surface of the mirror, opening filling machine bottom valve. After the completion of their tap water, the room temperature water flushing process is over.

Hot water washing (90 ℃) : the purification of potable water, the heating temperature to 90 ℃ frequency, pump into the filling process fruit drink production line of high tanks (pump into the amount 1000 ㎏), start high mixing after 5 minutes, cans, open the high tank bottom valve, hot water their transported to the closed bottom valve fruit grain filling machine tank, when the liquid surface in a liquid surface mirror high levels, start filling machinery storage tank blender, and will host open buy is in 5 Hz, will head to 24 filling manual sliding drainage twice, any open filling machine storage tank bottom valve, and will host open buy is in hot water tank to 14 Hz high put out.

NaOH (purity frequency 99%) solution cleaning: the purification of the normal temperature of drinking water, pump into the filling process fruit drink production line of high tanks (pump into the amount 500 ㎏), and then put into 10 ㎏ NaOH food grade, and the launch of the high pot blender, when NaOH solution stirring after 10 minutes, open the high tank bottom valve, NaOH solution their transported to the closed bottom valve fruit grain filling machine tank, when the liquid surface in a liquid surface mirror high levels, start filling machine storage tank blender, and at the same time will be installed in such a filling host 5 Hz, will head to 24 filling manual sliding drainage after twice (operation personnel must be prepared to prevent burns security measures), when the liquid surface in a liquid level highest lens spacing, close mixing storage tank, and close irrigation installed host, let NaOH solution for filling machine storage tank and pipeline after 6 hours, followed by open filling machine tank mixing and bottom valve, and will be installed in such a filling host 14 Hz to high cans NaOH solution put out. Hot water (90 ℃) cleaning, methods are the same as above.

HNO3 (purity 65-68%) solution cleaning: the purification of the normal temperature of drinking water, pump into the filling process fruit drink production line of high tanks (pump into the amount 500 ㎏), and then put into 5000 ml analysis pure HNO3, according to NaOH (purity frequency 99%) solution of the cleaning method cleaning, then hot water (90 ℃) cleaning, methods are the same as above. When water is near emissions finished, with precision with determination test paper (5.5-9.0) test PH value of less than 6.0-6.5, followed the clean with hot water (method is, until the PH 6.0-6.5 in so far.


How to choose a filling machine

How to choose a filling machine is a problem which confuses a lot of users. The following with cooking oil filling machine as an example mainly introduce how to choice the the liquid filling machine. Liquid filling machine which is suitable for cooking oil filling must meet the following requirements.

Cooking oil filling machine precision is high, are within 0.2%. To have temperature compensation function, automatic compensation for oil temperature change filling error. To meet the two filling model can be used to rise or kg and volume filling, quality filling two patterns. The operation should is easy to follow and equipment to be reserved can extend a space, for later added other ancillary equipment. Must double speed filling (after first fast slow), to avoid too fast filling speed cooking oil spill to the outside of the. Must have the vacuum to suck function, prevent the residual oil filling mouth drop to barrel face, affect the product’s appearance. Conveyer belt speed can be adjusted and filling speed can be adjusted, to adapt to the different filling requirements.

Beverage filling machine cannot be used for filling cooking oil, because edible oil and drink in the physical and chemical indexes are very different, the two kinds of filling machine design concept is different. Piston filling machine for eliminated type, cooking oil filling machine should choose flowmeter type. In short, cooking oil filling machine choice professional was very strong.


World food filling machinery equipment development

In recent years, along with packaging machinery the rapid development of technology and the market demand is growing, and clever machinery manufacturer eyes on the market, have introduced the function is diverse food Filling Machine equipment, in order to adapt to the demand of packaging manufacturers.

France to the market recently introduced a new generation can handle a variety of products, a variety of containers, a variety of sizes of aseptic filling machine series, such as Juice Hot Filling Machine ,Drinking Water Filling Machine, etc. The system could be used to replace the traditional sterilization tunnel, the magnetic control filling mouth can ensure and filling liquid and half a liquid products (plasma jelly, fruit grain) achieve aseptic effect.

Italy is it produce VoL-JET series electronic capacity type filling machine, the aircraft equipped with electronic flowmeter filling valve can be used in all kinds of bottle type, machines equipped with the memory of 99 different products parameter of the control panel, through the random together the rotation of the central PLC control can ensure that the data transmission of a continuous and reliable. The filling process through the and filling valve related special flowmeter control, filling in no vertical mechanical motion, thus no wear, free of maintenance, easy to clean. Sterile control valves and container in filling process does not contact, very suitable for filling in a sterile environment.

The joint venture’s development produce electronic spin PET filling machine, single rotation is combined with bottles, filling and sealing wash the new system. It USES “bottleneck” transfer system, and different bottles and packing of the conversion between can be completed in a minute. Apply to the fizzy drink and carbonated beverages, including pulp drinks, from 5 ℃ ~ filling temperature 70 ℃, every hour filling quantity can amount to about 44000 bottles.

Italian develop new vessel back pressure electronic filling machine, it is based on the principle of electromagnetic flowmeter developed in a new equipment. It has three different filling form: a bottle of contact with the nozzle sterile fizzy drink, bottle and nozzle does not contact sterile not fizzy drink, bottle and nozzle contact not fizzy drink and fizzy drink. The machine can be called a universal filling system, it can deal with all kinds of different specifications of bottles and products with high quality and packaging safe operation.