Pulp beverage hot filling and aseptic filling

At the 2012 international food technology and Machinery Fair ( Anuga FoodTech 2012 ), Sidel demonstrated a new filling solution. By virtue of effective VeloceISD and Sensofill FMa technology, new typeFilling Machinery will be used for the increasingly popular PET bottled fruit or fruit beverage hot filling and aseptic filling.


Quality products behind the leading technology. In recent years, more and more consumers favored a more healthy, more natural beverage products, therefore, fruit and fruit beverage production increases. In order to meet the people’s growing demand, Sidel expanding the product portfolio, develop fruit or pulp Juice Hot Filling Machine and aseptic filling technology, mainly used in the production of PET bottles or beverage, aloe jelly containing fruit flavored water beverage, fruit juice beverage and Chinese characteristics.


These Gao Min’s perceptual product filling process than traditional juice complex many, all product requirements and standards can be quite different. Fruit and fruit size is not the only problem: filling precision and quality, fruit grain distribution and fruit integrity also need to be taken into account. To meet these requirements, Sidel are developed for this class of products hot filling and aseptic filling technology.


Veloce ISD filling machine is suitable for hot filling production, Sensofill FMa filling machine for fruit beverage sterile filling. The new Veloce ISD filling machine can process the particle volume maximum is 10x10x10 mm, the filling process in washing bottle comprises two stages: first, a certain quantity of solids slurry added to the inside of the bottle, and then filling the liquid fruit juice. In contrast, Sensofill FMa filling machine with aseptic Predis ™ technology, the use of dry bottle sterilization method, without the need for water, but does not produce waste water.


The two techniques can be filling the solid content of 10 ml and 200 ml, depending on the formulation of the product and container size — from 200 ml to 2 litres. Filling Machine  precision ration quantitative, can ensure that the beverage product is stable and accurate fruit quantity, reduce the waste of raw materials. Berry remained intact, and the concentration conforms to the product specifications. Feeding cutting precision, does not cause any product leakage or loss. Non contact type filling valve so that the filling is more health.


The two kind of fruit grain filling technique not only can be used as independent filling machine to use, also can be used to configure Combi. Combi Veloce ISD is consistent with the hot filling requirements excellent integrated technology. In the field of aseptic filling, dry bottles and bottle cap sterilization method, a bottle, filling, capping at the Combi Predis/Capdis Fma solutions worthy of praise.

Single cylinder low vacuum canned machine in hot beverage filling in the application of



At present, single cylinder pressure Filling Machine  has been widely used in the production of enterprises. The author passes from the understanding to this series, filling machine in the practical application process of the problems encountered and solutions, summed up a few experience for wide hot beverage production enterprises in the procurement of filling machine.


Cylinder pressure filling machine in the beverage filling machine, Juice Hot Filling Machine ,Drinking Water Filling Machine, liquid filling machine, filling machine, with its canned high speed and accuracy, no leakage, range, high degree of automation, convenient maintenance and other features have been widely used in the production of enterprises, by the user favorite special is the production line staff. But this series filling machine in hot beverages ( such as apple cider vinegar ) filling in, according to the various understanding and application process of the problems encountered and solutions, summed up a few experience for wide hot beverage production enterprises in the procurement of filling machine.


Liquid material in the process of heating when the temperature rises to the temperature required, should adjust the heating device to slow heat supply, avoiding the liquid material continued to increase or decrease, such as liquid rises to ninety degrees Celsius when the jar jar into the filling machine, the electronic flow meter and a temperature indicator which bear the highest temperature is one hundred degrees centigrade, once the material close to this temperature, the electronic flow meter and temperature indicators will be inaccurate and the loss of their function; such as the temperature of the material will reduce the accuracy of rapid decline, affect the wine canned speed valve. The filling machine models adapted to the temperature of the material is in the range of 1~95 ℃.


Beverage production enterprises in order to reduce the cost of beverage bottle, easy to overlook the uniformity requirements. The same bottle or bottle diameter different thicknesses, a maximum difference of 2 ~4mm, the bottle into the filling machine, bottle into the wheel easily stuck, because the bottle shifting wheel is mounted on the card bottle automatic stop device, thereby affecting the production efficiency; at the same time on the bottle mouth diameterφrequirements 24 -φ47mm, such as the bottle mouth is too small, filling liquor in the valve of the valve needle is easy to touch the bottle inside, produce glass slag into the beverage bottle; large, filling liquor in the valve guide bottle cover sealing area is too large and reduce or lose the sealing effect, leading to dissatisfaction with or without filling filling. In addition the bottle to stand vertically, not too steep, or affect the wine bottle cover on the bottle valve guide to action, not easy to leak in the bottle, form do not become negative pressure causing the material to filling, thereby affecting production.


Hot filling production workshop is generally high temperature, poor ventilation, which is bound to affect the normal use of the filling machine, especially in summer. Due to high environmental temperature humidity is big, the filling machine worktable under installation electrical control components will pose a serious threat, due to fan out heat will be distributed to the surrounding machine, more susceptible to electrical components ( such as the frequency converter ) short-circuit burned. Solution : on the one hand to improve the workshop ventilation condition, on the other hand, we may consider the electrical control box moved outdoors or in ventilated and dry place, can also be in the fan air outlet pipe is communicated to the outside with a heat, reduce heat in filling machine around the emission, lower the temperature of the environment. The workshop should try the best control in ventilation, ambient temperature below thirty degrees Celsius, the temperature of 15-20 degrees, relative humidity should be controlled below 40%, when the temperature of 22-30 degrees, relative humidity 30% control in the following.

Analysis of automatic filling machine ten leading technology


Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for the water, oil, emulsion, paste other quantitative filling, the filling of plunger pump, through the cylinder stroke to regulate the filling range. Feeding mode of self-priming and hopper two, self suction type for directly from the container to draw, hopper material will be added to the hopper when filling. As the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry filling process an Filling Machinery .


All the time since, market of beverage  Filling Machine  is a solid backing, in particular the modern market for product quality increasing, expanding market demand, enterprises for efficient automated production requirements, in this case, filling machine is becoming a hot filling equipment. Add in last few years, science and technology level, filling the domestic machine industry also got rapidder development, technology level, equipment performance, quality and other aspects have been greatly improved, in supporting enterprises efficient, safe production has played an important role.


So in the next filling machine equipment development situation will how?


First to introduce, automatic filling machine is characterized by what. Automatic filling machine is characterized by a bottle conveying line passing through the empty bottle, the bottle discharging wheel mechanism, there will be no empty bottles of accurate to the turntable, empty bottles and rotation, while the soft pallets agencies will empty bottle up, bottle filling valve is automatically opened after exposure, in filling, filling is finished, the bottle automatically pull out into the bottle conveying line, the end of the process. The machine is equipped with automatic protection device, such as the emergence of the bottle clamping phenomenon, the machine will automatically shutdown protection safe.


Automatic filling machine of the leading technology lies in the following ten points:


In 1, high precision calibration capacity:500 mm, the average error of ± 1.5 ml.


2, each valve high speed: 250-300 bottles / hour, stepless transmission.


In 3, large capacity: the filling volume can be adjusted arbitrarily between 150-800 ml.


In 4, large range: applicable to a variety of special-shaped bottle, and the replacement of bottle convenient adjustment, fast.


5, no fluid loss: mouth closed filling, liquid affixed to the bottle wall spraying, not hop, not overflow.


6, no broken bottles: elastic bottle-holding device, from the bottle, the bottle in place, low limit, not broken bottles, does not damage the machine.


7, automatic protection: out of the bottle is provided with a dial wheel overload clutch protection device, the abnormal situation of automatic stop alarm.


8, automatic control level: level control using floating ball liquid level control device, control surface stability.


9, electric adjustment: the electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, accurate display of LCD display.


In 10, the soft start: boot, machine by the low-speed slow rise to the set speed, no rigid impulse, so it will not hurt machine broken bottles.

Automatic liquid filling machine


Automatic filling equipment type full automatic Liquid Filling Machine is composed of filling, inner cork, an outer cover, pressure, rotating outer cover, PLC control and other major parts. The cam drive, accurate positioning, stable transmission. PLC automatic control, pressure filling, capping an entire process. It can be prepared by fully automatic injection molding machine, bottle blowing directly into the filling system, preventing cross infection, the whole process is performed under sterile conditions. No bottle washing and drying. The Filling Machine  is suitable for eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops, the wind oil and other small dose preparation filling production.


Reverse osmosis is a kind of higher osmotic pressure as the driving force, using selective membrane can penetrate through the water impermeable solutes through the choice from a body of water, fresh water, membrane separation process. Just like molecular filters, can effectively remove the dissolved salts, colloid, bacteria and organic matter. Or in the pressure driven so that the solution of the solvent ( such as water ) with natural infiltration in opposite directions through the semipermeable membrane into the membrane of the low pressure side, also can achieve the effective separation process. At the same time to prevent the water soluble salts and impurities in the membrane surface focusing, run-time concentrated water will continue at the membrane surface and the concentrated water washing and membrane surface impurities out, then implementation of reverse osmosis desalting and purifying process.

Filling Machinery  and equipment industry in the future development trend how?


1 drinks of the rapid development of the industry led the pipeline emulsification machine industry technical progress, in the future the filling equipment industry, only by constantly bring forth the new through the old to have less raw material consumption, low cost, convenient carrying, etc. in order to follow the pace of development of beverage. For beer, wine, liquor, coffee, all kinds of carbonated drinks and other conventional cans and glass as pipeline emulsification machine material status, with the future of functional thin films is ceaseless and perfect, plastic hose line emulsification machine will be more widely used. Pipeline engineering emulsifying machine in materials and production process on the green, these marks without solvent compounding and extrusion composite multi-layer coextrusion of functional thin films in filling equipment will have more applications.


2 more kinds of products, the requirements are more differentiated pipeline emulsification machine ” has become the development trend of beverage industry. Beverage industry fast development, will become the filling equipment machinery technology is the ultimate driving force. Future 3 ~5 years in the development of the existing market of beverage of juice, tea, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, as well as carbonated drinks and other products at the same time, perhaps in response to a health life slogan to the low-sugar or sugar-free beverage, pure and natural, including dairy health drinks development. The development trend of the product will further promote the pipeline emulsification machine development, such as PET aseptic cold filling pipeline emulsification machine, HDPE (middle of the barrier layer ) milk pipeline emulsification machine, as well as aseptic cartons pipeline emulsification machine. Beverage product development diversity will eventually push the filling equipment material and structure innovation.


In 3, for their own future, want to develop continuously, strengthen technical research and development strength is an important premise. Beverage product development diversity will eventually drive the filling equipment industry in the future materials and structure innovation, the situation will be good.

Liquid filling machine development history


Filling Machine  packaging machine is mainly a small category of products, from the angle of packaging materials can be divided into Liquid Filling Machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; from the degree of automation of production is divided into the filling machine semi-automatic and fully automatic filling production line.


With the recent food QS certification, edible oil manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the quality of products and packaging, so oil filling machine filling in the machine status highlights. Below I with liquid filling machine for filling machine for representing history carries on the outline. Liquid filling machine is mainly used for washing, nursing liquid, oral liquid, disinfectant, eyewash, nutrition liquid, beverage, pharmaceutical, pesticide, injection, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and special industries of liquid filling.


Liquid filling machine according to the filling principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, filling machine and vacuum filling machine. Normal pressure filling machine is at atmospheric pressure by liquid filling weight. The Filling Machinery  is divided into regular filling and constant volume filling two, applies only to the filling of low viscosity without gas liquids such as milk, wine. Pressure filling machine is above atmospheric pressure for filling, can also be divided into two types : one is the liquid pressure in the cylinder and a pressure equal to, by gravity into the bottle and liquid filling, called the isobaric filling; the other is a liquid storage cylinder pressure is higher than the pressure bottle, liquid by differential pressure flow into the bottle, high-speed production line using this method. Pressure filling machine is suitable for containing a gas filling liquid, such as beer, soft drinks, wine champagne etc.


Beverage industry development is swift and violent

In recent years, the beverage industry development is swift and violent, carbonated drinks, fruit juice beverage, vegetable juice drinks, milk drinks, bottled water, tea drinks continuously enrich the varieties, yield the ” swinging” makes the equipment market demand is a “bull market “. Foreign filling and sealing equipment to high speed, high precision, with the direction of development, at present partial filling production line has been available in glass bottles and plastic containers ( bottles ), carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, hot filling and cold filling different requirement and environment. TheLiquid Filling Machine filling the highest speed reached 2000 cans per minute, the German HK Company filling machine filling valve up to 165, SEN 144, Krones 178, filling machine with large diameter to 5 meters, filling accuracy of ±0.5ml to under. Non carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50~ 100, filling speed of up to 1500 cans per minute, filling machine trough 20 rpm to 25 rpm, speed increased by 1 times. Can tea drinks, coffee, milk and fruit drinks and other beverages hot filling, Juice Hot Filling Machine sealing after the longer two sterilization. Carbonated beverage room temperature filling has been brewing for more than 20 years, at room temperature can reduce the cost of carbonated beverage, is beneficial to environmental protection. Non carbonated beverage filling nitrogen by pressure or liquid nitrogen system drops to aluminum cans or bottles of PET perfusion with an inert gas, can protect the content, reduce the loss of nutrients.

The current PET bottled tea drinks usually by heat filling method, in order to reduce the filling temperature, improve the flavour of tea drinks, to ensure the health and safety products, has developed the PET resin molding using 130℃ steam sterilization and special filling head filling simple type aseptic packaging machine, is being developed at the same time ice coffee and other low acid beverages two pieces of thin canister aseptic packaging technology, in order to achieve thin canister aseptic packaging.

Domestic filling production line the all-round development of our country beverage filling equipment is the introduction of equipment and technology developed on the basis of, eighty time, introduce a variety of beverage filling production line more than 300 articles, including beer filling line reached more than 500. The introduction of filling production line is mainly divided into the following categories: glass bottle beverage filling lines: eighty years the introduction of 116 glass bottle beverage filling lines, mainly used for carbonated beverage, in which more than 80 are from Eastern European countries to open account trade mode introduction. Production line main equipment unloading machine, bottle washing machine, Filling Machine , capping machine, labeling machine, Pen Maji, gas water mixing machine, packing machine.

PET aseptic cold filling has a wide adaptability, can the production of fruit juice and fruit and vegetable juice drinks, tea drinks, milk drinks, functional beverages. The future of the beverage market, product segmentation is a trend of development, as consumers face a choice increasing, beverage bottle type cycle will be shorter, and the cold aseptic filling can support the bottle type diversification. In addition, using aseptic cold filling products, short heating time, good taste, high quality, nutrients can be fully retained. In addition to the advantage of the respect in quality, reduce the cost of production is also a major advantage, in packaging materials and energy consumption etc.. As the market changes, the domestic packaging machinery is also growing, the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to develop fast, low energy consumption, low cost packaging equipment development, production of packaging machinery and equipment have been with the company for future product updates or additional packaging machinery production line scale will rise, especially in the food, beverage and the pharmaceutical industry needs the most intense.