The development history of filling machine

Filling machine packaging machine is mainly a small category of products, from the angle of packaging materials can be divided into Liquid Filling Machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; from the degree of automation of production is divided into the filling machine semi-automatic and fully automatic filling production line. With the recent food QS certification, edible oil manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the quality of products and packaging, so the oil filling machine filling machine in position protruding shows in. Below I with liquid filling machine for Filling Machine  for representing history carries on the outline. Liquid filling machine is mainly used for washing, nursing liquid, oral liquid, disinfectant, eyewash, nutrition liquid, beverage, pharmaceutical, pesticide, injection, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and special industries of liquid filling.


At present, the global filling machinery demand to grow at an annual rate of 7%. The United States has the largest packaging equipment manufacturers, followed by Japan, the other major manufacturers also from Germany, Italy and china. But the present Filling Machinery  and equipment production is the fastest growing in the developing countries and regions, especially in china. In recent years, the beverage industry development is swift and violent, carbonated drinks, fruit juice beverage, vegetable juice drinks, milk drinks, bottled water, tea drinks continuously enrich the varieties, yield the ” swinging” makes the equipment market demand is a “bull market “.


The current PET bottled tea drinks usually by heat filling method, in order to reduce the filling temperature, improve the flavour of tea drinks, to ensure the health and safety products, has developed the PET resin molding using130℃steam sterilization and special filling head filling simple type aseptic packaging machine, is being developed at the same time ice coffee and other low acid beverages two pieces of thin canister aseptic packaging technology, in order to achieve thin canister aseptic packaging. Domestic filling production line the all-round development of our country beverage filling equipment is the introduction of equipment and technology developed on the basis of.


Although China has a few enterprises can provide complete sets of equipment for concentrated fruit juice, but the juice clarification ultrafiltration devices all rely on imports. I believe the near future there will be a high degree of automation of domestic fruit juice ultrafiltration equipment available. At present our country domestic filling machinery manufacturers of professional research and development of manufacturers rarely, this also is the inadequacy of our country’s. But in the country filling machinery manufacturers continued efforts of domestic packaging machinery in metrology, manufacturing, technical performance and other aspects of a good achievement, especially beer, beverage filling equipment has high speed, complete, high degree of automation, good reliability. Stage filling machinery, beverages, especially beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, high speed, complete, high automatic degree and reliability, is currently filling machinery industry development trend.


The same equipment, can undertake tea drinks, coffee drinks, milk drinks and juice drinks and other beverages hot filling; both glass and PET bottles for filling. Filling machinery technology in food, beverage packaging development, design and manufacturing process widely used. Current filling machinery development trend is rising single degree of automation, improve the entire packaging production line automation control level, production capacity, can greatly improve the food and beverage packaging production equipment to the quality of products, improve the domestic, international competitive ability. Liquid filling machine, beverage filling accounted for a large part of. The cold aseptic filling technology has become China’s beverage packaging industry to represent the general trend. This technique not only is increasingly mature, and has been accepted by more and more enterprises. Cold aseptic processing of products from high to low acidic or neutral acidic beverages beverage transition. In Chinese beverage industry, fruit juice, tea drinks, functional beverages, is from the traditional hot filling technology to the cold aseptic filling technology transformation. Disposable high investment brought about obstacles irresistible low packaging cost to the manufacturer of seduction and income, and the cold aseptic filling technology to enrich the types of products. So that enterprises in the beverage innovation seize the opportunity. In addition to many fruit juice products, cold filling process site was gradually expanded to other drinks and low acid products.

Product packaging machinery

Since the human beings use container containing liquid, since the human beings use container containing liquid, produced filling method. At the end of nineteenth Century twentieth Century until the early nineteenth Century, early twentieth Century before, usually using water, water scoop into the artificial filling or directly into the container for filling liquid material, artificial filling or directly into the container for filling liquid material, around 1980, the United States Horix Kiefer and U.S.BottLers Horix, the United States in 1980 three. Kiefer and U.S.BottLers three companies started manufacturing container filling machine.


The first commercial use the Filling Machine  is Kiefer manufacturing company; Horix company in 1920 first manufacturing machine is Kiefer manufacturing company; Horix company in 1920 first made gravity filling machine for filling tomato sauce, gravity filling machine. For filling with tomato sauce, the company still produces filling machine. At the beginning of the twenty’s the company started production of rotary filling machine, in which the U.S manufacturing company is a pure vacuum filling machine, packing machine, which U.S company is pure vacuum filling machine, since twentieth Century, filling machinery industry is developing rapidly, filling machinery industry is developing rapidly, then filling speed depends on the manual alignment filling the bottle valve, Yu Rengong will bottle filling valve for alignment, bottle filling is finished the time required. Today, the rotary automatic filling machine production capacity has reached 2000 bottles per minute. Has been up to 2000 bottles per minute.


Later, filling machine filling technology will become more and more advanced, filling machine more and more types, such as Beverage Filling Machine, ,Wine Filling Machine.


” Security ” is the filling machine industry development of the first elements

In the past two years we have experienced drainage oil, tainted steamed buns, and pig, duck blood such as formaldehyde too horrible to look at events, we scarred heart could not help but ask ” can we still eat”, these events appear constantly reminds the major food manufacturers: in the production process, we must strict ” security clearance “. Only reminds producers also reminds filling machine industry. So now the filling machine to develop the ” security ” is still the first key words. Due to Filling Machinery  packaging industry is in direct contact with the food packaging equipment, thus Filling Machine  can do safety and food safety level is closely related to.


Nowadays, the development of increasingly powerful filling machines, packaging industry has become one of the indispensable equipment, equipment safety problem has become a growing concern, therefore has also become a major food manufacturers in the purchase of filling machine first consideration. Some time ago to launch a new Juice Hot Filling Machine, the device has the sterilization system to replace the traditional sterilization system, the magnetic control of the filling nozzle can ensure simultaneously filling the liquid and semi-liquid products ( paste, fruit ) to sterile effect. The equipment listed by the industry wide concern. This is illustrated by filling machine safety problem is the major businessmen consider the most critical problem.


Now filling machine industry development speed is swift and violent, to the market brings opportunity and challenge, how to do in intense competition remain invincible needs us to do most of the safety devices, only the safety equipment is what we need most equipment. Safety is not only the food industry’s first words is also filling machine industry’s first words, want to do good filling machine filling machine must first do a good job security.

Fruit juice, beverage hot filling machine technology

Tea beverage is usually used to hot filling and cold aseptic filling two kinds of method, due to many limitations, domestic enterprises is used in former times. The processing of fruit juice, tea beverage technological requirements strictly, from PET bottle filling technology production technology, production technology and production line operation, beverage quality the comprehensive comparison, selection of hot filling technology is more economical and reliable.


Hot filling requirements of fruit juice, tea beverage by UHT instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization after maintained at85℃~95 ℃between a fixed value, and in a very short time . At the end, belong to the high temperature filling. General carbonated drink, filling is positioned or quantitative material type, there is always a certain distance from the bottle mouth. And fruit juice, tea beverage, especially the production quality of the original flavor drinks, requirements of full mouth filling material, which has been filled into the bottle mouth, so that the residual air in the bottle is few, can ensure the beverage itself is not easy to be oxidized, so as to make the beverage long-term to maintain its quality. Due to the hot filling with high temperature filling, mouth filling function, which requires the coordination of automatic circulation system, convenient for low temperature material circulation heating and CIP circulation cleaning.


Heat-resistant PET bottle in hot filling, biaxially stretched PET heat shrinkage, shrinkage rate is generally 1% to 3%, and the bottleneck area of maximum strength, which requires the card filling bottle mouth positioning method is most reasonable, to avoid the bottle body by external force deformation. At the same time, filling good drinks, the card bottle conveying, the bottle body can not subjected to vibration and extrusion material overflow. Mouth filling. Currently used thermal Filling Machine    method has two kinds, one kind is similar to the Italy TECH-ITAL character Si He PROCO MAC model, the filling valve of the liquid inlet channel and a return passage is opened, closed step by step;


Another kind is similar to Taiwan ‘s machine, filling valve of the liquid inlet channel and a return passage is opened simultaneously, closed. We in the full digestion and absorption of foreign technology developed on the basis of the unique design of hot filling valve. Filling valve material filling mouth two, in the most part, so the valve core head takes up little space at the bottle mouth, filling, the filling valve is inserted into the mouth, filling at the end of the filling valve, a liquid inlet channel and flow channel is a step-by-step and sequentially closed, valve away from the bottle, the volume occupied by, by return passage within the beverage to supplement the perfusion, thus can ensure that the beverage bottle is full fill, filling. Similarly, we need to reduce the filling valve adjusting gasket also can realize liquid level filling.


In recent years, Wine Filling Machine and Juice Hot Filling Machine development is very swift and violent, almost a year to double the speed of increase.