Liquid filling machine development history


Filling Machine  packaging machine is mainly a small category of products, from the angle of packaging materials can be divided into Liquid Filling Machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; from the degree of automation of production is divided into the filling machine semi-automatic and fully automatic filling production line.


With the recent food QS certification, edible oil manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the quality of products and packaging, so oil filling machine filling in the machine status highlights. Below I with liquid filling machine for filling machine for representing history carries on the outline. Liquid filling machine is mainly used for washing, nursing liquid, oral liquid, disinfectant, eyewash, nutrition liquid, beverage, pharmaceutical, pesticide, injection, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and special industries of liquid filling.


Liquid filling machine according to the filling principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, filling machine and vacuum filling machine. Normal pressure filling machine is at atmospheric pressure by liquid filling weight. The Filling Machinery  is divided into regular filling and constant volume filling two, applies only to the filling of low viscosity without gas liquids such as milk, wine. Pressure filling machine is above atmospheric pressure for filling, can also be divided into two types : one is the liquid pressure in the cylinder and a pressure equal to, by gravity into the bottle and liquid filling, called the isobaric filling; the other is a liquid storage cylinder pressure is higher than the pressure bottle, liquid by differential pressure flow into the bottle, high-speed production line using this method. Pressure filling machine is suitable for containing a gas filling liquid, such as beer, soft drinks, wine champagne etc.


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