Automatic liquid filling machine


Automatic filling equipment type full automatic Liquid Filling Machine is composed of filling, inner cork, an outer cover, pressure, rotating outer cover, PLC control and other major parts. The cam drive, accurate positioning, stable transmission. PLC automatic control, pressure filling, capping an entire process. It can be prepared by fully automatic injection molding machine, bottle blowing directly into the filling system, preventing cross infection, the whole process is performed under sterile conditions. No bottle washing and drying. The Filling Machine  is suitable for eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops, the wind oil and other small dose preparation filling production.


Reverse osmosis is a kind of higher osmotic pressure as the driving force, using selective membrane can penetrate through the water impermeable solutes through the choice from a body of water, fresh water, membrane separation process. Just like molecular filters, can effectively remove the dissolved salts, colloid, bacteria and organic matter. Or in the pressure driven so that the solution of the solvent ( such as water ) with natural infiltration in opposite directions through the semipermeable membrane into the membrane of the low pressure side, also can achieve the effective separation process. At the same time to prevent the water soluble salts and impurities in the membrane surface focusing, run-time concentrated water will continue at the membrane surface and the concentrated water washing and membrane surface impurities out, then implementation of reverse osmosis desalting and purifying process.

Filling Machinery  and equipment industry in the future development trend how?


1 drinks of the rapid development of the industry led the pipeline emulsification machine industry technical progress, in the future the filling equipment industry, only by constantly bring forth the new through the old to have less raw material consumption, low cost, convenient carrying, etc. in order to follow the pace of development of beverage. For beer, wine, liquor, coffee, all kinds of carbonated drinks and other conventional cans and glass as pipeline emulsification machine material status, with the future of functional thin films is ceaseless and perfect, plastic hose line emulsification machine will be more widely used. Pipeline engineering emulsifying machine in materials and production process on the green, these marks without solvent compounding and extrusion composite multi-layer coextrusion of functional thin films in filling equipment will have more applications.


2 more kinds of products, the requirements are more differentiated pipeline emulsification machine ” has become the development trend of beverage industry. Beverage industry fast development, will become the filling equipment machinery technology is the ultimate driving force. Future 3 ~5 years in the development of the existing market of beverage of juice, tea, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, as well as carbonated drinks and other products at the same time, perhaps in response to a health life slogan to the low-sugar or sugar-free beverage, pure and natural, including dairy health drinks development. The development trend of the product will further promote the pipeline emulsification machine development, such as PET aseptic cold filling pipeline emulsification machine, HDPE (middle of the barrier layer ) milk pipeline emulsification machine, as well as aseptic cartons pipeline emulsification machine. Beverage product development diversity will eventually push the filling equipment material and structure innovation.


In 3, for their own future, want to develop continuously, strengthen technical research and development strength is an important premise. Beverage product development diversity will eventually drive the filling equipment industry in the future materials and structure innovation, the situation will be good.

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