Pulp beverage hot filling and aseptic filling

At the 2012 international food technology and Machinery Fair ( Anuga FoodTech 2012 ), Sidel demonstrated a new filling solution. By virtue of effective VeloceISD and Sensofill FMa technology, new typeFilling Machinery will be used for the increasingly popular PET bottled fruit or fruit beverage hot filling and aseptic filling.


Quality products behind the leading technology. In recent years, more and more consumers favored a more healthy, more natural beverage products, therefore, fruit and fruit beverage production increases. In order to meet the people’s growing demand, Sidel expanding the product portfolio, develop fruit or pulp Juice Hot Filling Machine and aseptic filling technology, mainly used in the production of PET bottles or beverage, aloe jelly containing fruit flavored water beverage, fruit juice beverage and Chinese characteristics.


These Gao Min’s perceptual product filling process than traditional juice complex many, all product requirements and standards can be quite different. Fruit and fruit size is not the only problem: filling precision and quality, fruit grain distribution and fruit integrity also need to be taken into account. To meet these requirements, Sidel are developed for this class of products hot filling and aseptic filling technology.


Veloce ISD filling machine is suitable for hot filling production, Sensofill FMa filling machine for fruit beverage sterile filling. The new Veloce ISD filling machine can process the particle volume maximum is 10x10x10 mm, the filling process in washing bottle comprises two stages: first, a certain quantity of solids slurry added to the inside of the bottle, and then filling the liquid fruit juice. In contrast, Sensofill FMa filling machine with aseptic Predis ™ technology, the use of dry bottle sterilization method, without the need for water, but does not produce waste water.


The two techniques can be filling the solid content of 10 ml and 200 ml, depending on the formulation of the product and container size — from 200 ml to 2 litres. Filling Machine  precision ration quantitative, can ensure that the beverage product is stable and accurate fruit quantity, reduce the waste of raw materials. Berry remained intact, and the concentration conforms to the product specifications. Feeding cutting precision, does not cause any product leakage or loss. Non contact type filling valve so that the filling is more health.


The two kind of fruit grain filling technique not only can be used as independent filling machine to use, also can be used to configure Combi. Combi Veloce ISD is consistent with the hot filling requirements excellent integrated technology. In the field of aseptic filling, dry bottles and bottle cap sterilization method, a bottle, filling, capping at the Combi Predis/Capdis Fma solutions worthy of praise.

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