” Security ” is the filling machine industry development of the first elements

In the past two years we have experienced drainage oil, tainted steamed buns, and pig, duck blood such as formaldehyde too horrible to look at events, we scarred heart could not help but ask ” can we still eat”, these events appear constantly reminds the major food manufacturers: in the production process, we must strict ” security clearance “. Only reminds producers also reminds filling machine industry. So now the filling machine to develop the ” security ” is still the first key words. Due to Filling Machinery  packaging industry is in direct contact with the food packaging equipment, thus Filling Machine  can do safety and food safety level is closely related to.


Nowadays, the development of increasingly powerful filling machines, packaging industry has become one of the indispensable equipment, equipment safety problem has become a growing concern, therefore has also become a major food manufacturers in the purchase of filling machine first consideration. Some time ago to launch a new Juice Hot Filling Machine, the device has the sterilization system to replace the traditional sterilization system, the magnetic control of the filling nozzle can ensure simultaneously filling the liquid and semi-liquid products ( paste, fruit ) to sterile effect. The equipment listed by the industry wide concern. This is illustrated by filling machine safety problem is the major businessmen consider the most critical problem.


Now filling machine industry development speed is swift and violent, to the market brings opportunity and challenge, how to do in intense competition remain invincible needs us to do most of the safety devices, only the safety equipment is what we need most equipment. Safety is not only the food industry’s first words is also filling machine industry’s first words, want to do good filling machine filling machine must first do a good job security.

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