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Wine filling machine/white Spirit Filling Mono-block


Wine filling machine/white Spirit Filling Mono-block Disposition: 1. Model: BXGF

2. Capacity: 1000-10000B/H (500ml Glass Bottle)

3. Material: The material which contact directly with the liquid is the SUS304 (Food grade), made in china. The transmission mechanism and the gear are equipped with firing A4 carbon steel.

4. The 3-in-1 is mainly used to fill pure water, Mineral water, wine.

5. Characteristic:

 5.1 The all machine applies bottle handling technical and the filling valves go up-down when filling, which make sure the bottle filling goes stable, reliable during high speed. The bottle handling technical also make the different bottle changing easily without changing too many accessories.

  5.2 This machine uses new generation stainless steel spring washing clips and the clips do not contact the upside of bottle screw avoiding the second pollution. It can both clear the inside and the outside of the bottle.

  5.3 The advanced normal pressure filling principle was applied. Filling is quick, and stable. Not contacting with the liquid avoids second pollution and oxidation.

5.4 This machine applies magnetic force screw type sealing, realizing auto grasping cap, sealing. The sealing cap force can be adjusted.

5.5 Independent electricity box makes sure every electrical appliance works normally.

6. Disposition:

 6.1 Motor: SIMENS BEIDE

 6.2 Speed reducer: JIE brand Hangzhou

 6.3 Invert speed control: Japanese Mitsubishi

 6.4 PLC: Japanese Mitsubishi

Touch screen: Made in Taiwan

6.6 Electricity appliance: DELIXI

7. Volume of bottle: 0.25L-1.0L

8. Diameter of bottle: 50-90mm

9. Height of bottle: 150-310mm

10. Cap diameter: Screw type cap diameter 28-38mm

11. Filling temperature: Normal temperature

12. Filling pressure: Normal

Filling precision: ±2-3%

Pressure of washing: 0.25Mpa

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